Great fishing planet update almost here

Fishing planetary research team behind today announced a major new update is almost here. Update is currently working with the expected release date closed beta stage “very soon.” The plan for this update is “more realistic to bring your fishing experience.”

World of WarCraft: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King all. He slipped his other arm around the body, pressing his lips so close to the green ear that the gesture was almost intimate, as intimate as the act of taking a life always was and always would be.

While this may sound a bit vague, the early announcement gives some tips as to what the contents of the update will contain. Fish and fish AI fights will see a major overhaul. Leveling and balance will be made. New lake, new varieties and new solutions will be introduced along the European fishing techniques.

Star Conflict 1.2 “Dog Wars” focuses on mercenaries

StarGem tightly entertainment space shooter, interstellar conflict, today received a major update entitled “Dog War.” Push the version number up to 1.2, this update is designed to improve the player experience not part of the company.

Update the core join the fight fearless and compete directly in the industry control, without requiring a company’s ability to help the mercenaries. These mercenaries then reward will be based on “their contribution to the fight.”I—felt it.” There was no longer a link between them, at least not one in which she was under his control. But perhaps something lingered. Something that warned her.

Mercenaries also receive custom crafts today, which makes them the equivalent of offensive or defensive game style six models to choose from. An additional “defense contract” mode allows the mercenaries to take “peaceful region” pirate defense within the game.Sylvanas’s gloved hands clenched and unclenched. “Something has happened. Something to do with the Lich King.

Star Conflict saw a few more general content updates as well. It adds two new maps, megalithic sites and protected areas. The new boss, called “Destroyer”, also makes its way into the game. A small group will be asked to take it down.

Fifth armored warfare to get ahead of schedule added a new PVP map

Armored warfare constantly rumbling forward, dashing headlong into fifth early beta testing phase, beginning today until September 20, 24 hours a day to run.

This time, staff Obsidian Entertainment has added a combination of a new PvP maps, Lost Island, as well as a new PvE daily tasks and kill the camera. There is also a new title system, under the tutorial mode, the reputation of the vehicle in the second half it better rewards, and the usual bug fixes and performance tuning. You can read the full list of changes here.

But the star of the British FV721 update Fox, quickly and operational reconnaissance vehicle, get as close to “cute” as armored fighting vehicles can be. Ah, this is lovely, until it unloads your AP with its 30 mm gun. Or missiles.

As usual, you can buy one package guaranteed period Founder of armored warfare in advance to get the access to the site on armored warfare.

Star Trek Online bandage ICONIAN war story

A strong breeze whipped over the platform, tousling his hood and sending the embroidered banners that hung from the terrace above into a frenzy.

There is a (very) short positions hint on Star Trek Online Star Trek Online website for the next update, which will put an end to the war Iconian story has continued since the game’s launch five years ago.

Called “Midnight,” the final chapter suggests Iconians owned and players union “, they are scrambling to incorporate technological advantages in the field of” forced into an “incredible decision”, which may violate the temporal prime directive.

There is not many people there, so why not use this opportunity to re-examine our interview STO Executive Producer Steve Ricossa next month about the game? Each click will give you free tribbles!

Debris online newsletter TALKS housing, the economy, and more

Debris online latest communication has come out, and updates from the Project Leader Derek Brinkman. He said that the development team is currently focused on the game balance, user interface, and general nail polish, which represents the “biggest obstacle to having fun” current pre-beta version. Brinkman also implies pre-alpha testing stage three in the fall release.

The red woman, Maester Cressen thought sourly. Ill enough that she’s filled the head of the mother with her madness, must she poison the daughter’s dreams as well? He would have a stern word with Dalla, warn her not to spread such tales. “The thing in the sky is a comet, sweet child. A star with a tail, lost in the heavens. It will be gone soon enough, never to be seen again in our lifetimes. Watch and see.

Elsewhere in this month’s letter, Citadel of game comes to balance economic and players involved in this process. One way in this regard, he said, is by making sure that debris “project is real.” Players enter the items purchased from a vendor, they are actually browsing is placed in the physical world when the project. Project does not just show you can place them in world trade them in anywhere in the list, like most other games, they are in the world of physical objects, fill up your backpack, box, or a house, “Finn explained.”, with their own characteristics, sell them, and every project, whether Apple or a house, the value and importance of the Internet debris.

EVE Evolution: Providence War

In one version of EVE Evolved, I looked at how EVE Online PVP status, because sovereignty overhaul Aegis has changed, ask if it is successful. Players get started quickly adapt to the new system and report to get a lot more fights, there are some smaller coalition even managed to set up an entity to capture space. Small teams discovered that he could kick the door of another Union space, become a credible threat, be awarded or whether it is a good fight to have the opportunity to catch something. Station capture events has naturally become a beacon to signal a big fight going down, a huge coalition found that they could not easily accommodate the space, they do not use a third party. This day-to-day Union Territory of PVP seems to be greatly improved, but we have not used the new mechanism, to see a real turf war

Since then, we’ve got our first taste of a real war of territorial scramble Providence area. Union theorycrafters test fleet have been developed doctrine and operational plans, as Aegis ashore, and at the end of August, we have to see them tested in a real battlefield. Empire announced plans to mobilize its forces to conquer the Providence as a new strategy to test and get a way to experience new sovereign mechanics, it was not long before other major groups, such as testing Union and xXDEATHXx legions into the fray. Outcome of the battle is very enlightening, have more fun than people expected advantages guard is thoroughly tested. We also see how the battleship battle in today’s territory, is expected to CCP has said that a complete reworking of the battleship was about to lose his role.

An ugly little girl and a sad fool, and maester makes three . . . now there is a tale to make men weep. “Sit with me, child.” Cressen beckoned her closer. “This is early to come calling, scarce past dawn. You should be snug in your bed.”
providenceWhat are dealing Providence?
In the Providence area south EVE has been an interesting and densely populated areas throughout the history of EVE, it’s all down to the local geography. There are multiple paths to a region of space from the Empire (including door links highsec two direct Stargate), making the region vulnerable to pirates and difficult to reach any alliance locked. Star system in the region is also a rubbish compared to other regions, so the big leagues often leave Providence held territory owned by smaller entities elsewhere.

Today’s Providence power module consists of CVA (one of the game’s oldest SOV- holding Union) dominated loose alliance, operate a “no red, do not shoot” engagement policy, basically allowing free use spatial pilots use. Providence probably selected as a target of this war, because it seems to be a soft empire, exists only because of the big leagues yet to kick in a sandcastle in awhile.

Still inhabited by the same species, the purpose of the new system is to promote small SOV and active coalition of area, so any effective strategy in Providence may use a solid forward. CVA in particular has a rich and long history of living in the region after being expelled in the past and again to conquer it, so it is guaranteed that they will fight back, and not to give up and move elsewhere. Fighting in the vision of the war, it will be important indicators will be played out in other places how the war relatively risk-free choice.

strationHow made no war?
In the past, the size of the Empire, the Union may overflow area and remove any collective sovereignty of all infrastructure, within a few days. Most of the fighting has been dropped did not oppose, but also prevent them from terminal boredom or substantially equal to the power of the Union decided to intervene, for a laugh thing. War Providence provides strong evidence that the overwhelming force of the enemy threw no longer guarantees success. Report came out fighting and subsequent analysis it has made some very fascinating reading.

Tarek Raimo zebra in the tunnel has been closely following the war in the delivery, I would like to call everyone to read through motion after a fantastic action reports. As expected, the battle in a single centralized system is now distributed over multiple targets simultaneously. A single super admiral no longer responsible for the entire invasion, so each league has its own fleet now has its own dedicated commander, scouts, and pilots covert action. The result is a greater chance that people’s way of not just front-line grunt press the F1 key, they tell other contributions.

Throughout the four days of the test period, the Empire succeeded in destroying about half of the region’s infrastructure hub and a few stellar system acquisition. Providence holder can hold out, and even come out on top of a lot of personal fleet of war, and try to quickly regain any lost ground. If this is a real war to seize and hold space empire could push their numerical superiority, it is likely to win the final. Interestingly, the advantages defender played a role empire slow down enough to attempt to steamroll the region into a war consumed withdrawn. It seems to have no shortcuts to victory against the sovereignty Aegis enough entrenched enemy.

providence2Wh ​​at battleship occur?
ISK War Providence show is not to midsize fleet so-called war is the decisive factor in the new sovereignty system small. Empire throw Machariels and Tengu expensive fleet into the meat grinder and CVA beat down, with cheap high-tech 1 battleships and cruisers. Battleship gangs fighting style makes impactical, and of little use in the new battleship capture mechanic. Dreadnought fleet was under the old system, players need to shoot structures necessary for hours on end, but they have no place in the Aegis sovereign land.

Operators and supercapitals still strategic chip, the Union can play to upgrade any individuals involved, but the new system is put less emphasis on individual combat fatigue and jumping reduce capital gang liquidity. Aegis sovereignty seems to favor involving highly mobile groups, quickly proved to be very effective redirection from one target to another, and the team’s high-alpha harm strategy. Combined with the current lack battleship fleet doctrine rugged alpha damage enables operators to use a large number of remote maintenance platform is unlikely, but if nobody deploying carriers and dreadnoughts then there is not a lot of hell for supercarriers or Titans.

The killboards showed battleship Union are still throwing each other in daily skirmishes, but until battleship rebalance been released, they are likely to stay quite independent sovereignty battle. What we need now is for the attack while creating a new role more strategic choices and objectives of capital ships, but it is the subject of another article.

providencefinalthoughtsThe war Providence is amazing tube substantially match, but it gives us about what war is like, when a new Eden on fire real clues. The result is a very exciting fight distributed in the system, and a larger number of digging, the defender has the obvious advantage that can help level the playing field a little higher system metrics for a superior force.

The game comes in the largest military alliance in the number of funds and Providence pilots a clear advantage, and in the end it is not a one-sided war. Both sides report also showed that the attacker and defender have more fun in those four days than in the structure of the grinding and battleship defiled under the old system for a few months. Aegis sovereignty was successful, and should serve as a good basis for the structure of the castle, the player stargate built the Empire State Building and other things upcoming, separate signal. Although there is no clear work remains to be done, the future is very bright line on the eve of the territory in war.


So here I am barely on my way to level cap in A Realm Reborn and much like Belghast, I am super excited for its first so promisingly named expansion – Heavensward! As a newbie player trying to catch up and enjoy the original content, it can seem daunting to hear about expansions; what will happen to public events in the old zones for example or how do you find a party for the dungeons everybody’s gotten tired of? Luckily, in FFXIV there is no such thing as players “finishing” the world; new classes mean plenty of lowlevel characters everywhere and features such as the (scaling) daily dungeon roulette, make sure players of any level have folk to group up with. Social engineering is alive and well in Eorzea. My little black mage just hit lvl 38 today (with lvl 34 Arcanist and lvl 15 Archer to cross-class) and I fully intend to make the most of the storyline up to lvl 50. I also can’t wait to get my soon to be considered old class set!

All that said, zomg Heavensward! You could tell Yoshida was very pleased with himself at this Pax East 2015 and why shouldn’t he? FFXIV’s first expansion packs a punch and leaves its playerbase wanting for nothing. The new zones look absolutely amazing – my heart jumped at the sight of The Pillars in city state Ishgard, reminding me of Divinity’s Reach with its tudor style medieval buildings. I sincerely hope there will be new music for these locations as well!

Then, there’s of course a level cap raise to 60 and three brand new jobs: Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist, bumping the number of total roles within FFXIV’s holy trinity by one each. The Au Ra are added to the roster of playable races. Also announced were new shiny class sets, flying mounts and those long awaited free company airships. Most importantly, there will be myriads of new quests, hunts and public events along with the continuation of the main storyline, which is something I am currently enjoying a great deal on my black mage. When I came back to this adventure a couple of weeks ago, I could already tell that FFXIV was gonna keep me busy until the end of the year. Now it feels like I’ll have enough to look forward to way into 2016!

Which hey, is an incredibly comfortable thought to me right now. I feel like I’ve finally found a world worth building a home in, one that I also want to introduce my friends to. Unlike so many virtual homes doomed to dwindle, Eorzea at least has a bright future. June 19th, you are officially marked on my calendar!


So Belghast initiated another round for this August 2015 and in one last-minute act of madness, which was totally not instigated by other bloggers on twitter, I decided to join the crazy company (you can still do so btw!). I always said blogging on a daily basis is not for me and since I usually end up doing the things I say I won’t do (like never joining twitter or playing Tera), I might as well lose whatever credibility I got left. Twitter is where your resolutions go to die.

I figured this is a good opportunity for me to get back to a more frequent posting schedule and also get over that raging post-vacation malady. Also, I hear there’s a tattoo involved for all those that beat the Blaugust challenge.

A while ago I was looking for more mobile games to play on tablet. I have since tried out and un-installed a long list of titles, most of which have proven to be disappointing one way or another to no one’s surprise. My search did however yield one unexpected gem I’ve been playing since and that you should look into if you’re up for some solid casual fun on your phone or tablet: Happy Street.

Happy Street was developed by french team Godzilab which is really two guys living in Europe and the United States. It’s been around for a few years and is totally not inspired by a certain popular community simulator by Nintendo. Think 2D-Animal Crossing with different maps, very straightforward town building and some quest-based crafting and you’re almost there, cool outfits and hats included! What sold it for me were mainly the following points:

It is incredibly kawaii. The buildings and sites are a pleasure to behold and the characters are adorable, or as this article said it best: “So what makes Happy Street so awesome? It’s super-cute.”
Level 17 and going, the game is still completely casual without any increased pressure from timesinks or IAP gates. There is a virtual currency that’s very optional and easily acquired through other means, if you really wanted to. There’s no obligation to spend real money and plenty to do otherwise.
The game is addictive in its simplicity; as more and more options unlock, you’ll be hard pressed to choose from a plethora of decoration themes and combo options to make your town and villagers look hot and keep tourists spending cash in your shops. From puke-monster balloons to gameboys and rock guitars, everything is on offer!
Certain mushroom concoctions will launch a “Fiesta” in your village, putting everyone in a mental state of spending frenzy accompanied by this track. Need I say more?

Also optionally, making an account and adding friends in Happy Street will allow you to save progress, earn some free currency daily and help each other out with resources (or send rude mail). By now, there’s a small group of MMO bloggers who have found their way into my Happy Street neighbourhood, so if you’re curious about the game drop me an email or tweet sometime and I’ll provide you with all the info.


With the recent hubbub around Microsoft’s inane approach to copyright / sharing games on the XBOX One, a title that fills the greatest fanboys with dismay, there’s also been another revival of the “how free-to-play MMOs destroyeth the genre”-discussion in the blogosphere, thanks to Trion’s recent announcement. That one seems to return on a regular basis, like “casual vs. hardcore” or gamification.

And I just realized how these two topics share a connection, or rather a blind spot among their most fervent critics. When it comes to the big copyright debate for digital media in this age of global sharing, the market has been divided for a while now between those who realize that piracy isn’t actually this “big deal” and that free distribution or “pay-what-you-like” models can be used to your advantage – and those who wax hysterical about hypothetically lost revenue. Usually they do so with little proof, a bit like the guys still claiming that sex sells in video games and we totally can’t have interesting female leads in games (also, female gamers are still in the stark minority!….).

So, it takes the voices of smart and insightful non-sales people with some first-hand experience, people like international best-selling author Neil Gaiman, to state the obvious: that copying and sharing does not happen at any conceivable loss to the artist / production company. And that on the contrary, it seems to drive sales up rather than down. I’ve been sharing his video for a while now as it never seems to lose significance and I heartily recommend watching it –

Gaiman’s description applies 100% to my personal experiences. An early napsterer myself (when it was still a shiny beacon of an incoming new age), all this access to free media did for me is let me discover a ton of new artists that I then went to research and order music from. For a while, it was heaven unleashed. Of course I did also download some titles that I never bought later – and never would’ve known about or bought anyway. There was never a minus, only a potential for plus – as in money going into the creative or entertainment industry. I don’t download free stuff with the intention to “steal”, although anyone is free to call it that; what I like is getting sneak peeks, demos and first impressions. Want to make me a fan that buys all your stuff? Give some of it away. I can’t help that I live in an age where I am bombarded with so many offers and choices that I don’t open my wallet right away any longer. It’s the smart companies who react to changing times.

I keep reading about how F2P games are somehow a seal for lesser quality or an admission of failure whenever MMOs go F2P or decide to be from the get-go. Yet, not once have I actually read a conclusive,objective article on why that should be. Why does Rift go from awesome game to disappointment just because it changed payment model? Will its community struggle because of the introduction of F2P – or did it not much rather struggle already and hence the new direction? What does it say about us as players if we make payment models the deciding factor?

Which inevitably brings me to GW2’s continued growth and another article I read on about becoming an involuntary “F2P-convert”. Chris makes the important distinction between F2P and B2P MMOs and points out rightfully that for games like LOTRO or SWTOR, which were not designed to be free, reverting to F2P was/is a life saver. And hence also and especially for their faithful communities. I think this cannot be stressed enough, along with the fact that there are cash shops and cash shops. There are in fact very few popular MMOs out there offering anything close to a pay-to-win experience. I don’t know what games people are talking about in context with “just buy all your raid gear in the store”? I’ve yet to play such a game (and see how much it truly affects me…). In GW2 the gemstore is such a laughable matter, it might as well not exist.

What the article fails to cover in my opinion is that F2P, much like free sharing does in the piracy debate, creates easier access and therefore more opportunities for games like SWTOR or LOTRO (and certainly also new titles) to sell more subscriptions. That was the original argument pro F2P models: see what you get before you pay for it. Was that really such a bad idea? To me it seems many MMOs simply fail to implement hybrid models where both a limited F2P experience and the usual premium or sub-experience is worthwhile.

I find LOTRO a prime example of this business model. Chris mentions LOTRO in context of F2Ps forcing you to buy individual content; that’s not how I see it. What I see is a rather successful approach to compromising, establishing different ways of playing while strongly suggesting free players may subscribe sometime. That’s what happened to me exactly: I have just renewed my LOTRO sub once more. I would never have considered playing it, had it not been F2P however. Turbine has won me over by letting me play their game and then convincing me that it’s worth paying for. Just as if I had napstered LOTRO, I went to buy it later. Yeah, that surprised me too.

I really wish this aspect was highlighted more in the F2P context, that it’s not a zero-sum game. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find data on account split for active LOTRO accounts, or more importantly on how many players have been shifting between payment models. I’m however convinced that there are many players like myself who only started to pay for (another) sub because they were able to access the MMO for free. And that to me seems wasted potential (of plus when there’s no financial minus involved) for those titles stubbornly clinging to subs only, unless they’re called World of Warcraft and can afford not to care. While I still watch Wildstar from a distance, it makes me hopeful hearing about the hybrid payment model they’re aiming for, although details remain to be seen. And why not, after all? It may convince me to subscribe to their game more than anything else would.


So EQNext is officially more than that green picture ever since the big Las Vegas SOE reveal this August 2nd. TAGN made a nice round-up of MMO blogosphere reactions in case you’re still catching up like I do. Wilhelm calls himself cautiously optimistic which is all I’ve ever been in regards to this title. Much is riding on the big name; very bold has been the sandbox boasting in the past. I’m not a fan of developers who talk more than they’re showing, so at least now we’ve finally got some facts and videos to add to that grand idea that is EQNext. So let’s have another brief look while I’m trying to reign in the MMO summer-malaise sarcasm.

The “sandbox”
As a Minecraft fan I am mildly excited by the Landmark feature, especially in regards to real world implementation. Player created goods and services are always healthy for virtual worlds, although I am not sure how much I care for the destructibility of the environment. It sounds like a gimmick given it’s restorative nature.

Classes and combat
As much as SOE try to be innovative, the combat and class system of EQNext sound like a perfect hybrid between Final Fantasy XI and Guild Wars 2 (which is not a bad thing). Tons of classes and cross-class combinations have existed in Vana’diel since 2002, while active combat with a very limited set of weapon- and class related active skills is one of the reasons why I like Guild Wars 2 as much as I do. Means, no complaints here from my end; I am all for class freedom and fast paced, minimal UI combat!

Levels and progression
Sadly the one big oversight in Guild Wars 2, I am happy to hear EQN will do away with leveled progression. As far as alternatives go, we have yet to hear how exactly player progression is to be paced in this game. Personally I’d like to know how grouping / group setup will be balanced and what type of spin SOE intend to put on traditional questing. Frankly, I don’t think anyone can do much better than ArenaNet in this department.

The look
Maybe the biggest disappointment for me personally was the overall look of EQNext, combined with the action scenes shown during Part 2 of the presentation. Nobody was more surprised than myself to see SOE go for the cartoony Disney aesthetic that comes dangerously close to the butterfly in my MMO venn diagram, rather than opting for a more traditional medieval / high fantasy style that so many Everquest veterans no doubt expected. While I’m no veteran myself, I had high hopes for EQNext to put a modern touch and polish on what I associate with the olde D&D vibe. Instead, SOE presented us with Belle and the Beast (who looks strangely like World of Warcraft’s alliance crest come alive) jumping, hovering and rolling their way through a dirt parcours in platformy fashion.

“…both a little scared, neither one prepared..”

I’m having a hard time recovering from this blow. While graphics aren’t everything in MMOs, the chosen style dictates a lot of the feel and atmosphere of the world. As far as cartoony graphics go, there is almost always a level of slapstick, popculture referencing and general lack of seriousness involved. That is one WoW legacy I could really do without – although SOE might have more reasons for this move than trying to follow World of Warcraft’s wide appeal and “longevity factor”. I think one can greatly over-credit WoW’s graphics style in this context. People still play WoW because it’s consistently managing to be a polished package that has a great deal to offer. That’s why players are willing to overlook its by now dated, cartoon graphics – not vice versa.

In general, the emphasis on things like facial expressions and clothes movement seems strangely overstated in Georgeson’s speech. While it’s nice to have detailed character customization or flowing fabrics in MMOs, I found myself cringing at the above selection of comic faces. This level of detail supposedly adds to our characters “coming to life” – I guess that’s where the presenter lost me. I always treat my MMO characters like alter egos and I’d like to think that it’s me, my personality and way of playing them that adds life to them. Heck, players have breathed life into 8bit pixel avatars since the beginning of video gaming. So no, I don’t like these EQNext characters at all. As for how they move around terrain, I hope combat won’t be quite as platformy as it looks like. I am of course blown away by yet another mage with blink…

Emergent AI and NPCs
If there was any mention of AI and the role NPCs are to play in EQNext during this reveal, I missed it. Either way, this feature is still my biggest draw for the title (see this great article on US Gamer for some more recent info). I’ve been excited for Storybricks ever since Namaste went more public with the concept and I can’t wait to read all about questing and NPC relations in EQNext. That might be the one thing winning back some of my sympathies. Having greatly enjoyed Animal Crossing New Leaf for the last couple of weeks on my 3DS, I am once more amazed at the mightiness of complex AI in video games. If SOE are really looking to innovate, this is one of the great untapped goldmines in MMO gaming. Fingers crossed!